Buffalo, "The Queen City", "The NIckel City", "The City Of Good Neighbors", New York State's second most popular city, has transitioned from an economy powered by the grain, steel and automobile industries during the twentieth century to a much more diverse economy in the twenty-first. Today financial services, technology, biomedical engineering and education are core sectors driving the metropolitan area and changing the demographic makeup of Buffalo's population.

Buffalo has a low cost of living, an abundance of home ownership, reasonable commute times, a relatively low crime rate and affordable housing. Forbes has placed the region in the top ten places to raise a family (2010).

On Map

69 Delaware Avenue in the heart of downtown, Niagara Square was the central hub of Joseph Ellicotts's original radial street pattern designed in 1804 for the then village of New Amsterdam. It continues to be the nexus of downtown Buffalo.

The building is easily accessible from the Niagara Thruway and Buffalo Skyway. It is in the immediate vicinity of City Hall, US District Court, Family Court, Social Services, and many other government entities. Law firms and related private businesses account for many of the tenants in this central business district. Also close by are Lafayette Square, La Salle Park and recreation along the Buffalo River.

About the Building

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